Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and white January

Naturally curly.
January, ah, new beginnings. Simple, clean, fresh, new. This blog is going to be all those things in the hopes of a burst of creativity in 2014. I couldn't find one artwork/creativity challenge out there that spoke to my goals for this upcoming year, so I'm just making my own [Creativity 2014]. Anyone else who would like to join me, feel free - I've been so inspired by the work of others lately I couldn't resist breathing new life into my own endeavors!

Though I often distract myself from a single project completion by the sheer variety of artwork/crafts/projects I do, I no longer feel limited to watercolor or sketchbook drawings (though they are still very relevant to me). Photography, embroidery, and mixed media of many kinds has taken over so much of my creative life it would be a shame not to include those. To jumpstart the creative drive, here's a list of broad topics I'll be working on:

January & February: black and white, any media or subject
March & April: music (tune) or song lyrics-inspired illustrations, drawn or embroidered
May & June: people/portraits, any media
July & August: buildings/architecture, any media
September & October: scary/horror/nightmares/fears, any media
November & December: food, any media

At the beginning of each new topic (roughly every two months), I'll put a brief explanation of what that subject or topic means to me. If there's a kindred soul or several who'd like to do this with me, I am open to adding your interpretation as well as your artwork.

I look forward to Creativity 2014 - the Syncopated Sketchbook renewed.