Monday, January 19, 2015

Painting Again

"Donut Tempt Me," by Melissa B. Talma, 11x14, oil

2015 welcomes me back to my first love, painting. I had wonderful intentions to paint regularly in 2014, but other hobbies, work, and the usual in and outs of daily life had a way of taking up that precious art time. Several sketches and gift projects were completed of course, but not posted here (though I suppose it's never too late...)

After taking a wonderful "alla prima" solvent-free oil painting class last spring, I became inspired to try oils again, 20 years after I put them aside due to their repellent smell (mainly of the linseed oil and solvent). But now with the solvent-free method, I have loved every bit of it. The paint texture and application is so different than watercolor, yet the color mixing is all the same. I completed the above painting in four sessions, I was so excited to work on it. I cannot wait to do my next painting.

I plan to set up an Etsy page soon to sell my completed paintings, as yes, they will most certainly be for sale. But if you're interested in purchasing any of my work, by all means contact me directly.