Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel Journal paintings

 Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, VT, 2005

Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, NH, 2005

Though these are not paintings I've completed in 20 min., they are a good representation of the paintings in my small (6" x 9") travel journal/sketchbook. Begun wholeheartedly in 2005 after a wonderful week-long workshop with Lew Lehrman, this sketchbook contains pencil drawings, pen & ink, and watercolors of various places we've traveled throughout the past 5 years. I favor food illustration and architecture scenes in general - and especially love historic and interesting buildings and actively seek them out for sketching.

Process for creating these: 1. make a quick pencil or pen sketch on location, capturing light and shadows as swiftly as possible
2. make color notes or take reference photos
3. paint with watercolor at a later time (usually the same day back at our camper, but it could be up to months later with the use of the reference photos).

To keep the blog current, I'll share more of these when I don't have a new 20 min. sketch, though I hope that's not too often!

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