Monday, February 21, 2011

A Pair of Paintings

Ripe pears are a classic still life, the bright colors and interesting shapes never failing to delight both painter and viewer (at least in my opinion). Pencil, watercolor and water soluble pencil, 5 1/2" x 8". I was happy with this 20 minute painting, so then I decided to try another 20 minute painting of a more challenging still life - these corks and grapes in a small bowl (same size and medium):

I've been wanting to paint wine corks for some time, inspired by Michael Naples (an excellent contemporary artist who creates 6" x 6" oil paintings almost daily, but obviously without a time limit). His paintings are generally classic still lifes, lit beautifully, and are just incredible in their simplicity. I am trying to learn a lot from his approach, though I certainly prefer watercolor to oil paint. With more time, I think I could have come closer to achieving the rich deep colors in the grapes and more texture in the corks, so I'll try this subject again, perhaps without a time limit.


  1. These two are definitely among my favorites! I do think your corks and grapes have improved in your more recent efforts though--they are even better with more color. :)

  2. Should I do more fruit still lifes? I love the corks too.