Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovely Scribble

Time for something abstract after the super-realism of yesterday's sketch. I'm going to call it "Fly Like a Cheesestick." Pen, watercolor, and water soluble pencils, 5 1/2" x 8". Yes, I just scribbled here and then colored it in. Sounds easy, but it's very methodical, and did take a full 20 minutes.

I was sort of inspired by an art assignment in college where the teacher had us scribble on a piece of paper for a minute. After the minute was up, we had to pick a very small (maybe 1") section of the scribble, and we enlarged that section on a projector to fill a 24" x 36" sheet of illustration board. Then we had to select a short snippet of music, and color in our scribble with colored pencil, oil pastel or crayon to fit with that piece of music. It turned out great, of course... everyone's was completely different, and the final critique where we could hear the music and see their art together was just a blast. I should definitely try the whole process again. It may sound wacky, but sometimes wackiness makes good or great art.


  1. I just love this! It took me by surprise after all the realism we've been seeing, but it is so fun and well done. Good for you, stretching and challenging yourself. :)

  2. Thanks! Simple abstracts like this really are a stretch for me, that's why I keep trying them.