Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Pear

Using the same set up as yesterday, but with pink/magenta instead of the chartreuse green of the pear. Changing something like this uses a different part of your brain I think, it's almost like trying to write with your opposite hand. You see green, but draw pink.

This was completely executed in Inktense pencils, which are not so much water soluble as reactive to a wet surface. My review of the product: once the pencil marks dry, you can add more washes over them and they do not budge, dissolve, smear, etc. The deep intense colors created on the pear were great - made as the pencils were drawn (and they just glided) over the wet surface. The paper mostly dried by the time I got to the shadows on the cloth, the pencils acted like regular colored pencil in those spots, just not as exciting. I realized too late that I used my thinner watercolor sketch paper (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"), and the pencils were much harsher on its surface than my brushes. Between the wetness and the pencil tips my paper was worn through in spots, making me finish somewhere around the 17 minute mark for fear of ruining it. I like the product but it's not a love affair (yet).

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