Thursday, July 14, 2011


I love black licorice, and have learned over the years how good the "real stuff" is - Dutch licorice (drop/dropjes). Unfortunately, if you who don't like black licorice, and try a piece of the good Dutch stuff, you will probably think you're being poisoned! The flavor is that strong. Dropjes come in all sorts of assorted sizes, shapes, textures and flavors; ranging from different levels of sweet to salty (zout) and extremely salty (dubble zout). I've enjoyed most of the ones I've been fortunate enough to try, but I think the dubble zout can only possibly appeal to those with 100% Dutch blood. (Anyone want to prove me wrong?)

This 20 minute sketch shows only five types of the sweet versions out there. The honig drop (honey licorice, shaped like a beehive) on the far right is one of my personal favorites. Pen and watercolor, 4" x 8".

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