Monday, August 22, 2011

Pastel Candy Wafers

They (Necco Wafers) taste like sweetened chalk with a smidge of flavoring, but everyone in my family likes them for some reason. The classic pastel candy colors were perfect for a 20 minute watercolor, not too much rendering here. The wax paper wrapper was even fun to draw! Pen and watercolor, 5" x 5".


  1. I learned just the other day that Necco wafers date all the way back to the Civil War, and were a favorite snack of Union soldiers, who carried them in their rucksacks! I love them too. :)
    Great sketch--I don't think I've ever seen anyone draw waxed paper before!

  2. Interesting! And I'm not sure I've seen waxed paper painted before either. Will have to research that a little!