Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Creative Variations

Though I have been sketching nearly daily for the past year, I have also continued my pursuit of other creative outlets. I don't think there's any shame in expanding the horizons of this blog, as this year my challenge is "Creative Every Day," and creativity comes in many different forms.

Today, combining some old silk flowers I had on hand with some ribbon and Valentine's sparkle hearts, I decorated this grapevine wreath (above). I was eager to have something bright and cheerful for Valentine's Day (as I love red and pink together) and couldn't find what I wanted in the store. It took me about 30 min. and cost less than $10 for the materials. Seriously. I am very happy with it.

And - I finally finished the Tooth Fairy pillow I've been stitching for the past few months. The child couldn't wait to lose her first two teeth this past week, however... but fortunately there will be many other teeth to lose and place in this pillow before adulthood. Taking the child's ideas (sparkle threads! rainbow colors! blonde hair! red shoes!) into account, I drew, designed, charted, tie-dyed the fabric, STITCHED and sewed this fairy pillow, all myself. I have charted several other designs before, but this was probably the largest and most involved one I have done. I was happy to complete it, and the child was delighted beyond compare. Creative success!

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