Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finished Mural

This blog has been primarily a showcase for my small 20 minute sketches, but I really enjoy doing larger finished art pieces when I can fit them in. The house portraits I posted a short while ago are one example, and here is another - the finished mural I did for our church. It is located in the Children's worship room, and measures approximately 8 feet horizontal, painted with a combination of household interior latex and artist acrylic paint.

 detail views of the shepherd and the sheep

Obviously, its theme is "The Good Shepherd," and it also incorporates the other elements common to many of the children's Bible stories such as the sea, the desert, and the rocks. In comparison to my quick sketches, this mural took about 9 hours to complete.

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  1. Beautiful work! Have you done any murals in your house yet?